French Business Network

Banks, Solicitors (Notaires), Insurance and Finance service providers.

In the many years of providing our services to our clientele, we have of course, become well connected with local and national Tax offices and other government departments from whom we often seek advice and information.

Where we need specialised advice, we will also talk to the larger Augefi team, including the other partners:

  • Johann AFFRE, a Charter Accountant who gained a Master 2 in Audit Accounting in 2008 and joined Augefi as an accounting intern and who became head of Béziers and Bédarieux in 2013.
  • Jean Christophe BARBUT, our partner who specialised in notary, pharmacy and real estate development.
  • Jéréme CAVAILLES, a Chartered Accountant who has contributed 15 years to Augefi who has professional in personal experience of the needs of artisans and merchants.

View for more details (in French) of our accounting team.


Real Estate and Relocation 

If you are looking to set up in France, we recommend our partner in Real Estate and Relocation, located in the South of France as well : Renestance

Their bilingual team can support you at each step of your project: 

  • Dreaming : Wondering about moving to France?

They can provide tailored research and advice to help you determine how to make your dream come true and which corners of France would be best for you. 


  • Planning the dream : You have decided to take the leap?

They can help with your next steps, like finding practical information, handling visa requirements and taking off with peace of mind.


If you will be landing in the Languedoc area, they can help you find housing, whether to rent or purchase, or offer a full-service settling in package. The VIP New Nest package includes assistance with housing, administrative, financial, language learning, social, and regional discovery elements.


  • Living the dream : Are you already living in France?

If you need some help with a large project, like moving house, their bilingual team can provide guidance and support.


They can also assist with the famous French bureaucracy, whether you’re applying for a Carte Vitale, exchanging a driver’s license, or renewing your residency permit. 


Lawyer (avocat)


Our partner, CALONNE & ADOUE-DUGAST law firm, through its English-speaking partner, Prune Calonne, is a French law practice located in Toulouse that will help you with contentious and non-contentious areas of law to advise, assist and represent you, whether you have interests in France or if you are involved in a lawsuit. The areas of expertise includes :

  • International private law, cross-border issues with the UK, commonwealth countries and France,
  • Property, Inheritance, and Family law (divorce, child abduction…) with cross border aspects,
  • Company and commercial law,
  • General commercial and civil litigation, debt recovery in Europe,
  • Employment law (representation for employers and employees) and social security litigation (contrainte…)
  • Representation before most French courts nationwide


You can contact them at this number, if you wish to speak in English : +33


International Business Network

If you are looking to expand your business in other countries and need to create and develop your company,an accountant is always a great way to properly set up a business in your short and long-term plan. That is why we have our network « 3ECPA » to help you in the process in the following countries :



Germany Malta Singapore
Australia Greece Mauritius South Africa
Azerbaijan Hong Kong Mexico South Korea


India Myanmar Spain
Bhutan Indonesia New Zealand Sri Lanka
Brazil Ireland Nepal Switzerland
Cambodia Israel


Cayman Islands Italy Panama Thailand
Chile Japan Peru Turkey
China Kazakhstan Philippines Ukraine
Colombia Laos Portugal United Arab Emirates
Cyprus Malaysia


United Kingdom



Saudi Arabia